Financial Literacy for Life Success

Our Story

Our Story

In a traditional sense the term “Financial Literacy” is as boring as it sounds, but not with ProsperBull. ProsperBull prepares students for the real world in an interesting and relevant way. We have worked to do things differently. Materials aren’t simply taught, they are learned. Students become engaged, motivated, and given the tools to not only survive the “real world,” they will be soon facing but to thrive in it.

In an over-stimulated society, it is hard work to get [and keep] students’ attention, but we are no stranger to hard work and we’ve worked smarter to help ensure our program does just that.

Our Mission

Our Mission

ProsperBull is a financial literacy and life skills education provider committed to inspiring, motivating, and providing the tools for students to be able to live prosperous lives in the ‘real world’.

To do this we strive to make our program widely accessible to educators through an easy-to-use online learning platform, at an affordable price, designed to teach a large number of students with a high rate of return. We utilize education as means to level the playing field for students and create brighter futures for not only the students who receive it but for those communities they are a part of.

Our Difference

Our Difference

It’s one thing to teach, but it’s another for students to actually learn what you are teaching. Often, traditional methods of teaching assume a generic style that does not suit the needs of students. ProsperBull uses proven psychological research to design lessons in ways that are engaging for students of all learning styles and educational backgrounds.



Finally, a financial literacy program that is engaging and backed by science.


Not everyone has internet access so our financial literacy program is in the hands of students, not online.


It’s a self-study workbook so there’s no class time required.


Students create their own life success plan based on their unique goals and interests.


More than financial literacy, it’s a personal blueprint for life success.


Students become motivated by discovering a feasible path to make their dream become a reality.

The Best Financial Literacy Program

Discover Why The Prosperity Blueprint by ProsperBull is the Best Financial Literacy Program