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Students Taking Note



It's science⁠—but it's not rocket science.


It's one thing to teach, but it's another for students to actually learn what you are teaching. Often, traditional methods of teaching assume a generic style that does not suit the needs of students. ProsperBull uses proven psychological research to design lessons in ways that are engaging for students of all learning styles and educational backgrounds.


At ProsperBull we are numbers people and if we have research that provides insight into the subconscious learning and engagement, then we don't see why we wouldn't utilize that. So we dive deeper into curriculum and lesson structure by utlizing research from neuroscience., which enables our program to be presented more clearly in a way that the mind is more recptive to understanding, relating to, which in return strengthens learning memory and later successful implementation of learning material in everyday life. 

Financial literacy programs for high school students

Not a Financial Literacy Program: ProsperBull is a Life Success Program

In a traditional sense the term "Financial Literacy" is as boring as it sounds, but not with ProsperBull. 


We have worked to do things differently. Materials aren't simply taught, they are learned. Students become engaged, motivated and given the tools to not only survive the "real world" they will be soon facing, but to thrive in it. 


In an over-stimulated society, it is hard work to get [and keep] students' attention, but we are no stranger to hard work and we've worked smarter to help ensure our program does just that. 


ProsperBull prepares students for the real world in an interesting and relevant way. 

Real Life Gains

Students take away a lot from ProsperBull- lessons that they can use beyond the classroom and for a lifetime. For example:

Ability to Think Futuristically
Understand Need vs Want
Career Exploration
Money Management
Sustaining & Growing Money

Not Financial Literacy As You Know It

No teaching required. 

No class time required. 

No money required

No computer lab required. 

No internet required. 

Not funded by banks. 

Help Change the World

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