The effective financial literacy program

In a traditional sense the term “Financial Literacy” is as boring as it sounds, but not with ProsperBull. ProsperBull prepares students for the real world in an interesting and relevant way. We have worked to do things differently. Materials aren’t simply taught, they are learned. Students become engaged, motivated, and given the tools to not only survive the “real world,” they will be soon facing but to thrive in it.

In an over-stimulated society, it is hard work to get [and keep] students’ attention, but we are no stranger to hard work and we’ve worked smarter to help ensure our program does just that.

Backed by Science

Backed by Science

Research-based lesson design for effective education

ProsperBull is a financial literacy and life skills education provider committed to inspiring, motivating, and providing the tools for students to be able to live prosperous lives in the ‘real world’.

To do this we strive to make our program widely accessible to educators through an easy-to-use online learning platform, at an affordable price, designed to teach a large number of students with a high rate of return. We utilize education as means to level the playing field for students and create brighter futures for not only the students who receive it but for those communities they are a part of.

Real World Financial Literacy

Real World Financial Literacy

This isn't financial literacy you know it

It’s one thing to teach, but it’s another for students to actually learn what you are teaching. Often, traditional methods of teaching assume a generic style that does not suit the needs of students. ProsperBull uses proven psychological research to design lessons in ways that are engaging for students of all learning styles and educational backgrounds.



Finally, a financial literacy program that is engaging and backed by science.


Not everyone has internet access so our financial literacy program is in the hands of students, not online.


It’s a self-study workbook so there’s no class time required.


Students create their own life success plan based on their unique goals and interests.


More than financial literacy, it’s a personal blueprint for life success.


Students become motivated by discovering a feasible path to make their dream become a reality.

Choose your path to life success

The Prosperity Blueprint

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which grade is this financial literacy program for?

The Prosperity Blueprint is designed for high school students and is ideally taught to every grade, every year. This is because unlike other financial literacy programs that more or less stay the same materials year after year, The Prosperity Blueprint is updated every year. The logic behind this is based on psychological studies that consistently have the same findings: that repetition is key to effectively teaching students.

Is it better for 9th grade students or 12th grade students?

There’s a massive education gap across the country, so it’s difficult to say which grade the program will be best for at your school. For schools with more advanced students, the program is best for 9th or 10th-grade students, whereas for the average school, the program is best for 10th or 11th-grade students.

Of course, it’s always better late than never, so if your 12th-grade students have not had a real-world financial literacy education before, then it will be tremendously useful for them to complete The Prosperity Blueprint.

Why was it created to be a self-study program?

We understand that there’s already not enough time in the day to do everything you need to get done. That’s why so many schools fail to teach financial literacy. So we wanted to make it easy for educators to provide financial literacy education to their students by developing a program that does not require any class time and one that can be fully assigned as homework.

What's the difference between the digital and print version?

The digital version is the same exact material as printed copies, but it gives schools an ultra-affordable way of teaching financial literacy. When you purchase the digital version, you will receive a downloadable link, in which you can then print an unlimited number of copies within your academic year. Since the digital version allows for unlimited copies, it costs a lot less than the print version, where you need to purchase one copy per student.

One other difference is that the digital version is on a subscription basis, so you will receive a new download link at the start of each new academic year.

Is there a teacher's edition to The Prosperity Blueprint financial literacy workbook?

No, The Prosperity Blueprint was designed to be a self-study program, meaning that students do not need to be taught lessons in class, and teachers do not need a separate teacher’s edition. Instead, the workbook is completely self-explanatory.

Is there an online version of the ProsperBull financial literacy program?

No, we actually decided against offering our program online for couple of key reasons. First, the Prosperity Blueprint was designed to accessible to everyone. However, not all students have access to the internet at home. Another reason is that the Prosperity Blueprint was strategically designed to be effective and numerous studies have shown that students do not learn as well in virtual learning environments.

What does it mean that the digital version is on a subscription basis?

The Prosperity Blueprint in digital form is only available on a subscription basis. The subscription will renew annually and will provide a new download link with updated materials.

What's the difference between the digital copy for a state vs school?

The state version is available on a state-by-state basis and it gives an entire state access to the program for one academic year. Whereas the school version is available for schools that want to teach financial literacy, but their state does not currently offer the program on a statewide basis.

Which is the most affordable way to get the program?

The digital version is the most affordable option. This is because unlike print copies where students each need their own, the digital version provides unlimited downloads within one academic year.

How much does it cost?

For up-to-date information, check our pricing page.

Does it require teachers to teach at all?

No, the program is 100% self-study, meaning there is no need for educators to deliver materials.

How will I receive the digital version when I order?

As soon as you submit your order you will be given access to the program via a link. You will receive an order confirmation by email which will include the link, but you can also always access this link through your ProsperBull account.

How long does it take students to complete the program?

The program takes around 10 hours to complete. Since it’s a self-study financial literacy and personal finance program, students may go at their own pace or you may assign the program over the course of a week or as long as over an entire quarter, trimester, or semester.

Is there a teacher's edition?

No, we do not offer a teacher’s edition because our financial literacy program is a 100% self-study program, which does not require any teaching. The reason we designed it this way is so that educators do not need to use limited class time on the program. Instead, it can be given as homework.

What if students have questions or need help?

The Prosperity Blueprint is largely critical thinking questions, which pertain directly to the individual student and their interests and goals. While, naturally, there are some math questions within the workbook, it was designed to mimic the real-world and so its goal is not to teach students how to calculate personal finance by hand, but how to understand personal finance concepts and calculate them using a calculator like how most American adults do.

Does the program come with any additional learning materials?

While we do not offer a teacher’s edition (because you don’t need one), we do offer the “Daily Dollar.” To help students more effectively learn, and to ensure repetition (which is critical in learning), every day during the school year, we post a personal finance critical thinking question.

Some educators use this question at the start of a class (e.g., spend the first 5 or 10 minutes in class on this), or for students that have already completed The Prosperity Blueprint, it can be given as a single-question homework assignment.