financial literacy workbook for teens

The Prosperity Blueprint


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Workbook Description

The Prosperity Blueprint is the one book every teen needs to read to help secure their financial futures. 

If you’re looking for the traditional, sleep-inducing financial literacy book, then The Prosperity Blueprint is not for you. Instead, you can expect to find real-life personal finance lessons that teach readers how to think critically in order to make smart financial decisions. 

This workbook walks readers through basic budgeting and planning for your future, including lessons on how it’s possible to go to a more expensive college and pay less than in-state tuition, or how with good money management practices, it’s possible for those who make less money can actually have more money.

It dives deep into the lessons 96% of adults learn the hard—and expensive—way. This workbook was created for teens to avoid the very common, and very costly mistakes that most make in their 20’s and throughout their lifetimes. 

“If you read just one page, you can save thousands of dollars.” – Micah  

“It’s the one book I wish I had when I was a teen.” – Lindsey  

“My 16-year-old was motivated to get a part-time job after reading it.” – Andrea 

“I didn’t know how to help my son figure out his life. Before reading it, he had a dream (one we honestly thought was a pipedream), but now he has a plan. One that’s realistic and achievable.” – Peter 

“As annoying as it initially was, now my teen is giving me lessons and my credit score is going up.” – Joelene 

The Prosperity Blueprint is an immersive, hands-on workbook that helps teens not only grasp personal finance and money management but also build out their own unique path to success. 

With the Prosperity Blueprint, the journey is individual. It’s called a blueprint because readers create their own life success plan, or blueprint. It helps readers identify their goals and design a realistic and achievable strategy to achieve them. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Budgeting & Financial Planning 
  3. Money Management 
  4. Growing Money 
  5. Putting It All Together 

They say it takes a village, and author, Kelly Main, put together a team of industry experts from Fortune 500 wealth planners to ivy league professors to help create The Prosperity Blueprint. The outcome is personal finance for the real world that yields lifelong results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to manage money and stretch a budget.
  • Map out what you need to do in order to achieve your professional aspirations.
  • Learn how to think critically and devise a feasible financial plan.
  • Understand how safe, allocate funds, and grow money.
  • Practical exercises at the end of every part.
  • Finish the program with your own unique plan for life success