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Financial literacy programs for high school students

Education is infinite.

Today you are shaping the future.

Think we're wrong? Think again. 
Education has an extreme impact on students and the future of society- and we don't merely mean education as means for good test scores and college acceptances. Education is highly connected to societal outcomes, meaning education correlates not only to careers and income-levels but to degrees of happiness, success, birth rates, crime rates, and even tax rates. It may sound small to start with one class, but one class creates a snowball effect. So remember, a solid education is not limited to serving only those who have it, but to society as a whole.  

Quick Facts

The no. 1 reason students give for dropping out is because they felt they weren't learning anything they could use in real life
With ProsperBull, students only learn lessons that serve them beyond school. Lessons are relatable and relevant- students see that what they learn with ProsperBull willbe useful in their life. 
High school dropouts are 72% more likely to be unemployed compared to those who gradute high school. 
Without lessons in school being relevant to students, students more likely to drop out and in return far more likely to unemployed- making it difficult to life a prosperous life. 
1 out of every 10 high school dropouts go to jail or prison, while 1 out of 35 graduates do. 
High school drops outs impact society as a whole. As education increases crime rates decrease. 
The collective cost of the nation over the working life of each high school dropout is approx. $292,000. 
Financially drop outs are more likely to become a burden on the public system- costing all citizens money. 
Female dropouts are 9 times more likely to become young, single mothers. . 
With already a grim employment prospect, becoming a single mother with make life far more unmanageable. 
25% of American families have no savings at all. 
In a country where 1 out of every 4 families live paycheck to paycheck, money is not well managed and expenses are high. ProsperBull students learn about finances and how to be strategic- even when starting out or earning a low wage. 
Financial stress is consistently a top reason for divorce. 
The stress of financial difficulties often becomes a burden on families. Research shows that as financial struggles increass, so do divorce rates. When families manage their finances well they are happier and divorce rates decrease. 
One-third of all mortgage applications were denied last year. 50% of those denied do not know their credit score was the reason why. 
It's not just related to poor credit scores, it is a culture that has become accustomed to living beyond means and living life bought on credit- ProsperBull gives students the knowledge to maximize what they have and live a little to debt lifestyle.
Over 50% of adults do not kow their credit score- or what a credit score really is. 
Credit is a basic concept, however it depends on what you are using it for. There are numerous ways to use credits and a number of aspects that factor in the calcuation of your credit score. 
The average income of a college graduate with a bachelor's degree is over double that of a high school graduate. 
College can be expensive, but ProsperBull teaches students how further education is not merely an investment in yourself, but also a financial investment..
The average income of a college graduate with an associate's degree is over double that of a non-high school graduate. 
Understanding the repercussions of education levels in a meaningful way helps students make smart decisions for their future. 
A leading reason why college students drop out is because they don't feel prepared. 
With ProsperBull, students are prepared for college and life.
The majority of college students are unsure of what to study and 80% change their major. 
This doesn't come as a surprise, after all many adults don't know what career they want- nevermind teens. Still, while changing majors doesn't sound problematic- it can have great impacts on the student's cost of college. Since changing majors means needing to take additional classes, it means additional cost. The number 1 reason for college dropouts is the cost.Tuition aside, this additional amount can add up to be a much larger sum of loan money to repay- making it more difficul for students to pay back their loans. 
Over one quarter of adult Americans do not feel in control of thier finances. 
Our students learn money management and the tricks of the trade so they are not only in control of their finances, but they excel at personal financial planning. 
Ready to help prepare the next generation for successful futures? 
Learn more about the ProsperBull Life Success Program or become a member.

Why Traditional Financial Literacy Programs Don't Work & Why ProsperBull Does

Historically, financial literacy programs don't equate to a high success rate- if this weren't true, then we would have different financial statistics. The problem with the traditional methods of teaching finances to high school students is that the material is basic, extremely dry and does not seem relevant to students in their teens. 
ProsperBull is not simply a financial literacy program, it is a life success program. Lessons are taught using methods that are entertaining in presentation, so students become engaged. Lessons are designed to resonate with teens, while also providing evidence that lessons are achievable for them. Materials are hands-on, so students are actually immersed in the lessons and upon completing the workbook, teens are more prepared for financial success throughout their lives. 
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