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Financial Literacy Programs for high school students

We don't share a classroom, but we share the world.​

Financial literacy programs for high school student


Our goal is is to help better educate students for life, however many countries in the world do not have free, public schools and so families have to pay for their children's education. Often times this occurs in places where poverty level are high and families struggle to eat, leaving no money for education. Since we believe the world is interconnected and that education has the power to no help not only those who it serves, but the communities in which we share the globe, so we created the ProsperBull World Education Program to help send children to school. 

Sending children to school

We help send children to school for the year in places of need. So not only does your school's membership have a lasting, positive impact on your students, but also on the lives of student's around the world. ProsperBull membership is something to truly be proud of.
Our members aren't just smart- they are helping to better the world. 

Why many children do not get an education

Lack of public education system

Lack of money

No education

Low paid, labor-intensive jobs

Have a family and cycle continues


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