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It's not about us, it's about the future of our youth.

Why was ProsperBull created?

After finding that 80% of adults in America do not feel financially stable and over 90% say that they wished they had been taught personal finance in school, it became evident that our education lacks teaching students how to financially survive in the years beyond school. 


The idea behind ProsperBull is that a good education prepares students to succeed in the real world and so we wanted to make it easy for educators to teach students lessons that would do just that. By teaching for life success, students are provided with a more level playing field. Students begin to learn not what to think like theoretical education teaches, but they learn how to think. By learning practical life lessons they are better prepared for life beyond school and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make smart decisions and live prosperous lives. 

Who was ProsperBull developed by?

Well... A village. They say great minds think alike, but we also know that the greater number of minds, the greater the outcome so we summoned many, many minds to create the ProsperBull program. From investment bankers to developmental psychologists to entrepreneurs to ivy league professors, we've gathered a diverse mix of the best minds to help create a highly effective program for young adults. 

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financial literacy program
financial literacy program
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