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What grade level is it for? The workbook is designed for teens/high school grades 9-12, though most find it best for 10th & 11th-grade students. 


Is it easy to teach? Yes! The workbook is designed to be a self-study program, so teaching is not actually required. This makes the workbook a great addition to current curriculum and the perfect ongoing homework assignment. 


How long does it take to complete? The average teen will take approx. 8-12 hours to complete the workbook. Teachers can choose how much time per weeks to allocate to the workbook, meaning it can be finished within weeks or it can be spread out over an entire semester or quarter.


What is the difference between the hardcopy and digital copy? The digital copy is the same as the hardcopy, however, the digital copy is designed to make the program affordable for schools - enabling them to teach a large number of students without incurring a large cost. 


How will I receive the digital copy? Upon purchase, all information including the workbook and teacher's edition with be sent via email as a link with unlimited printing access. If you purchase before the start of the school year (August 1st), then you will receive the email with the link on August 1st for the following academic year. 


How many times can I print the digital copy? The digital copy allows for unlimited printing, so you don't have to worry if you get new students or if someone needs a replacement copy. 


How is ProsperBull's program different from others? Unlike other financial literacy education, ProsperBull's is designed to actually resonate with teens. The material doesn't read like the standard dry financial literacy textbook full of definitions students memorize for exams, without a genuine understanding. This means teens actually learn the material and are more prepared for successful financial futures upon completing the workbook.  


When will I receive the digital copy? Purchases are based off an academic year, which we consider to run from August to  July 1st of each year, so if you order the digital copy for your school for the next academic year, you will receive the digital copy on August 1st of that academic year. If you ordered your digital copy for the current academic year, then you will receive your digital copy (via email) within 3 business days. 


How will I receive the digital copy? Digital copies are delivered via a link sent directly to your email address within 3 business days after payment is received.


Is there a teacher's edition? Yes. All digital orders come with a teacher's edition and all print copies orders of 25 or more include a digital teacher's edition free. Unlike the print copy, the digital version's answer key is in the teacher's edition. The teacher's edition also includes notes and gives options and ideas on expanding upon the workbook via projects, essays, etc... 


I homeschool my child and I'm ordering one print copy. Can I get a teacher's edition? Of course. Request one directly via our support email address with your order number and we will send you a digital teacher's edition. 





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